LEAKED PHOTO: - First iPad Protoype

A stylus? Lies!

No, no, that’s not a stylus.That’s a cutting-edge precision tool used in the production and finishing process. Genuine artefacts after all: what an insight!

I always assumed this was the prototype…

My neighbour’s Galaxy Note has an app that can translate that. It says “Samsung invented the Tablet format”. Allegedly. :neutral_face:

And continues: “But failed to make anyone care.” :stuck_out_tongue:

Touché! I’d have posted that too, RDG, but couldn’t get the damned thing to scroll. :wink: :smiley:

Light under a bushel… eh Master J :laughing: Nice one. :wink:
This guy did it, but he used Circus Ponies

:smiley: Witty kitty.

Why, thank you, Master Hugh… thank you :smiley: You’re a gent and a scholar sir… a gent and a scholar.

[size=50]Cheque’s in the post.[/size]

Working iPhone prototype