Learn / ignore spelling domain

Good evening everyone.

When doing learn or ignore spelling when are those words stored?

At the project level, whole Scrivener level or what?

Does that personalization sync across different macs?

Thank you.

I’ve always understood that Scrivener uses the system spellchecker. So I imagine any learned or ignored words will be stored on the computer. Probably in the Library folder somewhere.

Thank you. So if you «teach» a word into a project of yours on a certain mac, then, if you open the same synced project on another mac of yours, it will arise it as a spell error. I guess it would be better to have a dictionary related to the project.

Thank you.

For many years I have used Typinator as a utility to help with spelling related issues. I know there are certain errors I make all the time, such as transposing the h and the e in “the”, but Typinator corrects it for me automatically. I also have it set up so that certain words that occur frequently in my writing, and are a pain to type out (such as “psychodynamic”) are set up as abbreviations (such as jjpsyd) that get expanded to the full word. These expansions and corrections are synched to my two Macs using Dropbox. And, of course, they work in any program I use, not just Scrivener.

Learn Spelling adds word to the text file:


Ignore Spelling will temporarily ignore the misspelled word for that session, in all documents throughout the project.

Learn Spelling adds to the user file above, so if affects all apps using the system spellchecker.

No – unlike user preferences.

It would be very nice to have project-specific dictionaries.

Thank you. Maybe we could sync that dictionary file with Dropbox and symbolic links. Even so a project level dic would be great.

As for typinator, yes I do use text expansion a lot, I have textexpander.

Thank you.

This, BTW, is the reason that has been given for why there are no project-specific dictionary files and are not likely to be any time soon – the spell check functionality is built in to MacOS. Scrivener merely uses the function as presented by the system, with additional controls to spellcheck (or not) across all Scrivener, or by project. Since MacOS provides no facility to create custom dictionaries at any level more granular than per-user, Scrivener cannot do so without bypassing and rewriting the whole spellcheck codebase.

I do this for all my Scrivener folders and files, though I use iCloud.

(Not everyone understands or even knows about symlinks, so usually I don’t mention them.)
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