Learn misspellings?

I’m using Scrivener on Windows 10 Pro. It has a “Learn spelling” feature to effectively insert new words in its dictionary. What if I have a word that it thinks is okay, but I want it to treat as a misspelling. Is there any way to get Scrivener to flag such a word as a misspelling, i.e., to get it to “learn misspellings”?

Not that I know of. (I’m actually pretty sure there is no way.)
But perhaps it’d be possible to remove it from the dictionary file…
@AntoniDol ?

Unless it is a word that you inadvertently added yourself. In that case, just remove it from your personal word list. (Options)

I have to say that the question is somewhat weird though:
If the word is right by the dictionary, but wrong to you, why type it in the first place?

If not too many instances just use find and replace for whole project.

Found this: Add the Icon to the toolbar | Notepad++ Community

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