Learn Spelling does not seem to be working

Only one of the previously underlined words now appears as correctly spelled (i.e., the underline is gone). The underline is still there for the others.

Additionally, it would be helpful if instead of “learn spelling” the choice was “add to dictionary.”

I’ve seen the same thing. I asked it to learn my main character’s name, but it’s still reading it as a spelling error. I

I’ve found I have to left click on each learned word (including all occurrences in a document) to make the squiggle go away. Seems to be some kind of refresh issue.

I had also found that while auto-correct is off, learned spelling works ok. Not perfect, but ok. When I turn auto-correct on, it ignores the customized dictionary.

I thought that correcting spellings (and yes, “add to dictionary” is preferable to “learn spelling”) had stopped working for me in 023 but, after reading this thread, I remembered that I had tweaked some options and, after taking away the tick from “check spelling as you type”, unknown words previously marked as correct were no longer underlined.

I noticed today that it doesn’t remember from one session to the next what I’ve taught it. I think this has been happening all the time in 23 but I didn’t realize it because I’ve had to relearn all my spelling. I know that I added words to the dictionary yesterday with the Learn Spelling feature but today when I open the document they are … Oh, when I reopened scrivener the spelling was learned. Hmm. the fickle gremlins of spelling.

  1. It’d be nice if “Edit personal word list” was an option on the “Edit> Spelling” dropdown. At the moment, getting to it is a four click effort; Edit> Options>, tab across to “Auto-correction” then hit the “View personal word list” bar.
  2. I can’t be absolutely sure, but I think I put some spelling corrections into the last iteration of Scrivener that fell off in the upgrade. I’m pretty sure for instance I put “towards” “backwards” and “forwards” in there, but opening it this time, it was blank. All three are marked as spelling errors currently (Aust Dictionary).

I’m having problems with the dictionary learning some of the words I put in to it as well. Writing a sci-fi fantasy novel, I like to put my made up words in to be sure I spell them the same every time. I highlight, right click and click on “learn spelling” and it still shows an error (U.S. English). Other times when I have found a word missing that the dictionary should recognize, it seems to learn it just fine. Current word of concern is “luminario”.

Stats: v 024
Windows XP (Pro on one machine, Home on the other)