Learn Spelling in Scrivenings mode jumps to another document

I was in the middle of writing when I noticed that a name I was using had the red squiggly lines under it. I right-clicked on the word and chose Learn Spelling. When I did so, the window scrolled up through a couple of documents in the Scrivenings session I’m in and put the cursor in a paragraph there.

I’m betting this is not the intended behavior for Learn Spelling, so I hope you can put this on the bugs list.

I’m running 1.0.2 on Windows XP with the latest set of service packs.

This should be fixed for 1.0.3; you can download the beta if you like, or the official release should be out in the next week or so (depending on whether there are any major bugs brought to light with it and how long it takes to fix that–Lee’s down with the flu, so there might be a slight delay).


I report a bug 1 day ago, and Lee fixes it 3 days ago. Talk about responsive! :stuck_out_tongue:

Does this mean that we can expect a 2.0 beta for windows last year?