Learning Scrivener help wanted

This came to my FB feed… anyone familiar with it?
I need to learn to use Scrivener as it and my writings are collecting dust!


Eden Grey

Have you been through the self-paced “Interactive Tutorial” yet? It comes free with every copy of Scrivener (even the 30-day demo). It can be found in the template chooser window or under the “Help” menu. It’s just a project that has instructions in it for you to read and follow in order to learn about Scrivener by doing stuff in Scrivener; you can close it and pick up where you left off as you have time for it, so it’s a nice way to learn in small chunks.

Yes, I have tried that but only became more confused… I’m not good with “How To” books like “Scrivener for Dummies” either!

The Scrivener Tips - Share Yours and The Zen of Scrivener - Usage Scenarios forums here are great places to start. Similarly Wish List often has interesting ideas for how to use Scrivener. These forums let you see how other users exploit the features of the program. You could also watch all the other support forums regularly as users often post comments on how to do things.

Another L&L resource you might want to check out is the Scrivener Facebook page which regularly features links to useful tips and tricks posted on user/writer blogs and web sites.

See my comments on the Zen of Scrivener board.

For me, just playing with it was the easiest way to learn Scrivener. Now I’m trying to master compilation and MMD, but those are a bit more arcane.

AmberV/Ioa has some great tips, too, if you post-stalk him.

And of course, there are the video tours hosted on this website (and many more on YouTube that aren’t official, but are quite helpful). They should give you a decent starting point. I’m not sure how the linked ‘learn Scrivener quick’ video tutorials would be any easier to follow than the Interactive Tutorial or if it would be worth the money.

Personally, I’d just fiddle until you get stuck, then come to these forums and ask; how can I accomplish X with scrivener? Keep each post focused on one particular thing you want to accomplish if you want the solutions to be easier to follow.

Just reading through the Learn Scrivener Fast site, one of the testimonials jumped out at me, it said in part:

Did I miss something? What $10 e-tutorial?

When I first came across that website at the beginning of the year, it was quotes like that one that made me suspicious and lead me to file it under “Dubious”. That and the fact that I’d never seen it mentioned here in the forums or promoted by the Lit’n’Lat crew.

The sales pitch on the site very much in the Michael Hyatt school of online sales (so it’s probably no coincidence that he plugs the site!). The whole thing seems to be about sales and marketing, not service delivery. But maybe I’m just a cynic… :unamused:

In response to the OP: I support what other people have said. If you’ve tried the tutorial and got lost, post your questions here (ideally one per thread) and there are many regulars here who can help you through whatever has got you stumped. The side benefit is that many of us learn alternative ways of doing things that had never occurred to us, so you help others by posting your questions.

But most of all, these forums are free. I don’t see the Learn Scrivener Fast website offering free information tailored specifically to your needs and available to everyone to else with similar questions.

Addendum: I wonder if Joseph Michael asked Literature and Latte for permission to use their images of Scrivener on his website to promote his service. I couldn’t find any links to the L&L’s website on his site, in fact the only mention of L&L was in testimonial quoted above (which, as best as I can tell, is inaccurate anyway).

Steer clear.

I got lost using the tutorial as I’m neurodivergent and the tutorial is too bland for anything to stick.

Maybe a good book might help?

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