Least likely use of Scrivener: playlist free mp3 organizer

Okay, this is going to sound weird, and I know there are probably other tools out there that are better suited for this particular task, but seeing how my whole life’s already built around Scrivener I’ve been using it to keep those mp3s I don’t want to add to a playlist organized.

An example of what I mean: I have quite a few guided meditations floating around in my HD, the problem is that adding them to iTunes means that when one finishes the next one begins. That makes sense, as iTunes and its ilk are meant to be used for music, but in this particular instance it makes no sense whatsoever, and creating a playlist for each one of them would result in an unmanageable list of playlists. By creating a Scrivener ‘project’ I can keep them together, organized, and even annotated.

No, it doesn’t work to load them to a phone or media player, but to use at home, it does solve the problem.

Late to this post, but I use music in a similar way. And no, using tools for unintended purposes doesn’t sound weird at all. That’s how innovation works.
For a novel, I have certain songs in my head, for certain scenes and for “themes” of individual characters. These help set the mood for writing. I just open iTunes and drag the song over to Document Notes in Scrivener for each character or scene so I can just click on them to play. Each chapter has it’s own playlist.
Jonathan Littell had a playlist of songs to listen to while reading listed in the back of his novel “Bad Voltage” way back in 1989, before MP3’s even existed.