Leaving out page numbers & headers on Back Matter

I would like to begin by saying: “I LOVE SCRIVENER SO MUCH I WANT TO MARRY IT!”


That said, I am trying to figure out if there is a way to leave OUT page numbers and headers on back matter.

I am including a “preview” of my next book in my current book, and the convention I see in novels is that “previews” do not have page numbering or headers. Or sometimes they have DIFFERENT headers and page numbers.

At the very least, I’d like to know if there is a way to remove page numbers and headers from my back matter.


David Hudnut

I should add that last night I tried every work-around imaginable to remove headers from my back matter.

In my page settings, for formatting purposes, I have NOT checked “No header on first page and pages following page breaks.”

But I DO have “No header or footer on single pages” checked. I thought I could exploit this, as I have numerous “parts” to my manuscript that have “titles”: “Part I, blah blah blah; Part II blah blah blah,” and these pages appear between chapters WITHOUT headers.

So, I tried doing an “As-Is” in the compile on my back matter pages and formatting the files in the draft folder manually. Then I chopped my 4 page “preview” into four one-page files, hoping that would trigger single pages. That didn’t work. Not consistently anyway. I could get the first page to compile without a header, but not the three after.

I tried creating additional levels of folders in the formatting pane, again chopped my “preview” into four pages and put the text into the body of the folder rather than in a file contained within the folder. This yielded the first page having no header, but the 3 following DID have headers.

I’m sure I tried other things, but none of them worked either.

Despite the fact I haven’t figured this out, I can still say with great ardor and enthusiasm: “Scrivener, I’ve never loved another piece of word-processing software so very, very much. Do you want to drive to Las Vegas this weekend and get married, with Elvis officiating?”


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Hi David,

Many thanks for the kind words! Much appreciated! Although Scrivener is a little unsure of an Elvis wedding. :slight_smile:

I’m afraid there’s no way to exclude page numbers and headers and footers from back matter at the moment, although I have different settings for back matter on my “for consideration” list for the future. In the meantime you will need to export to RTF and edit the back matter section in a word processor, though.

Thanks again and all the best,

Thanks Keith!

Oh well, I had hoped there was some magical work-around I hadn’t figured out yet. I guess even a heart-throb like Scrivener has to have SOME flaws. :smiley:

Well, include my vote for back matter settings on your “for consideration” list for future versions.

Thanks again,

David Hudnut

I have the same issue, and also have tried all the same things David did. The headers don’t appear in the front matter, so it makes no sense that it can’t be done for back matter. This is confusing and frustrating. So add my vote to include this ability. Maybe you can have a separate settings feature for each chapter/document, so that we can customize each thing?

Perhaps notably, i am not using the template for “novel” but I am using the blank template, as it allows me to format everything the way I want. Is this part of the issue? Also, if this is a problem since 2012, why has it not been addressed? I’m also surprised that the global replace for styles is still not an option.

I, too, am in love with Scrivener except for a few nasty inconveniences like this. I set up my digital books in it, and it produces a very clean, no-fuss ePub every time. No need to use outside eBook formatters like Jutoh or (gag) Word. I even use Scrivener as a database/daybook to organize info ABOUT my books, publishing, marketing, and for other things I keep track of, professionally and personally. It beautifully replaced those other 20 notebook apps I used to use AND HATE. So it would be fabulous to see some utilitarian upgrades that make an Indie Author’s work flow better. My motto is Work smarter, not harder, and while Scriv helps immensely with this, I still hold out hope that it will reach perfection. :wink:

No. :wink:
Templates don’t matter much. They are just a convenient starting point.
You can do whatever you want with any template, just like no less you can, off of a blank project.

Of course, for the above to work, make sure that your back matter folder is not in the draft/manuscript folder, in the binder, and that you’ve set it to compile properly :