Hi Beta Testers,

I’m pleased to announce Windows Beta 0.3.5 is now released.

Beta 035 will expire on the 7th November 2011.

Note that a complete uninstall and re-install of Scrivener is required for this
release. Please ensure all your work is backed up.

The Linux build will be available on the 30th Sept 2011.

Jennifer is going to provide a detailed bug list in the following forum
post in the next few days. This will list all of the fixes made between the public
beta 029 and the internal betas 30,31,32,33,34.

I have just listed high level details of fixes and improvements in this
post; however, as you’ll note from using the software there are many many
improvements and fixes in this release.

The forum post will be here:

There is experimental code for drag and drop placement in the binder
which folks might love or hate - it’s experimental as I said, but the
idea is to try and help with precision drag and drop placement.
You’re feedback on this is vital to whether it stays, is augmented,
or just deleted.

Download the new beta here:


  • Crash when multiple projects open. Many thanks to all the
    reports and especially to Clive for helping us reproduce this needle in
    the haystack.

  • Memory optimisation code has been removed. This is thought to be the
    root cause of the bug Keith offered prize money to anyone who could
    reliably duplicate. Unfortunately, no one has claimed this prize and
    we’ve been unable to duplicate even once, and we’ve been through the
    code a zillion times. So, we felt it better to play it safe and remove
    the code and any possibility of loss of data. Performace degradation as
    a result of this code removal will probably only be noticed by beta
    testers on much older and slower machines.

  • First-line and right Indent settings for documents aren’t saved
    on project close.

  • The Full screen control bar does not seem to show scriptwriting
    elements when in script mode as it should (instead of showing words and

  • New Project Panel - Templates should be sorted alphabetically.

  • View > Binder Affects uses “Top Editor” and “Bottom Editor” but it
    doesn’t switch to “Left Editor” and “Right Editor” when there is a
    vertical split as it should.

  • Moving the left indent marker (bottom rectangular tab marker)
    should move both the other indent markers, as in Word, WordPad.

  • Auto-generating a synopsis should be undo-able.

  • Copy and paste ruler shortcuts are missing.

  • The progress bar when downloading a dictionary is berserk-it keeps
    hitting 100% and dropping back down to about 5% quickly and repeatedly
    until the download finally hits 100% for real.

  • If Compile As-Is is ticked for a document, only the text of the
    document should be included - settings in the Formatting pane of Compile
    should be ignored, so the title and other elements should not get
    added. Compile As-Is means that it should get compiled exactly as it
    appears in the editor, with nothing else added, regardless of the

  • There is currently no way to add a header or a footer to the compiled
    text headers and footers should be supported for PDF (and Preview and
    Print) and RTF compiles.

  • The following templates have been updated in this release:
    Essay (Chicago Style)
    Novel (with Parts)
    Persuasive Lecture
    Recipe Collection
    Short Story

  • The are numerous compile fixes, additions to the options and menu


  1. Added ability to import first and last names into the Name Generator
    tool as well as a restore to defaults. Plus, several refinements in the
    UI in general.

  2. Scrivener for Windows now supports import of Word doc and docx
    documents without requiring Microsoft Word to be installed.

  3. Added many customizable options for colors i.e. Binder background,
    Outliner background & alternate row color, Index card background colour,
    Snapshot text area background and so on.

  4. It is now possible for a user to specify text import encodings
    within Scrivener Tools > Options > General Tab under Encoding for Plain
    Text. By Default we have set up text import to initially prompt each
    time for character encodings. This can easily be turned off in the
    options and a default specified. This should eliminate many foreign
    language import encoding issues. Note that Scrivener itself is
    100% unicode, so any language should be supported.

Scrivener’s demand for system resources can be little or great depending
on the resources used within a Scrivener project. For example, some
projects might be gigabytes in size with rich content such as video,
audio, images, PDF references, and thousands of pages of rich text.
On the other hand, other projects might be much less demanding with
only a few dozen pages of text. In light of this, defining system
requirements is difficult. What seems to be reasonable based on
feedback from this excellent community is the following:

OS: XP or higher (32 or 64 bit).
RAM: 1 gigabyte (GB) or
higher recommended. Processor: 1 gigahertz (GHz) or higher.
Graphics: 1024 × 768 or higher-resolution monitor.
Hard Disk: 100 megabytes (Mb) for installation.

Note: Installations of Scrivener on Virtual Machines and on network
drives have not been fully tested and thus remain unsupported at this stage.

I hope you enjoy this beta.


Great work Lee - downloading the new beta now!

(For reference, you will want to change the download link on the main page from 029 to 035. Manually changing it works, but others might get confused.)

Yay! Thanks for all the hard work!

I really really love the fact the binder is now collapsible. I’ve been wanting that forever. :smiley:

I’ve mentioned this a couple of other places but I’ve never gotten an official reply. When the option to have the Start Panel start when there’s no projects open is ticked and then you open a project, the Start Panel doesn’t go away like it has in the past. It stays there and you have to manually close it. Is this supposed to be the new behavior? I hope it’s not. I prefer the previous behavior where it closed after opening that first project.

Excellent! Downloaded and installing now. And Tweeted.

Thanks Lee!

The download link isn’t working! It says:

Not Found

The requested URL /scrivenerforwindows/Scrivener-029-installer.exe was not found on this server.

Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

Dump your browser cache and try again. :slight_smile:

Just a quick update. I uninstalled v29 and installed v35 and unlike previous times the readme displayed and then Scrivener started as expected.

Sorry, this has cropped up in a few places and I thought I replied somewhere but apologies if I did not. The bug is listed, however, and it just didn’t squeak in for this beta. You can get rid of the panel by using the “X” button on it.

Used it a bit, but nothing too intensive, and haven’t found anything glaringly wrong… Being able to compile directly to doc is quite nice, though, and would be worth a beer, if people involved were closer. :slight_smile:

Great work Lee!
I’m downloading now.
Can’t wait to try it

I feel certain that if you have the right connections, you can ship beer internationally. Just sayin’. :wink:

On Lee’s behalf, thank you!

no need to ship internationally, just order from a local (to the giftee) distributer.

Looks great so far – I’m a few pages into the tutorial. :smiley:

I know it’s not supported but I installed Windows in a virtual machine just to give this a try, since I can’t get the Linux version working. This is very cool work. Unlikely I’ll get up to speed in time to help much with bugs, but you never know.

Wait. Does this mean that Scrivener won’t be out for “real” before November? Or is this just insurance in case something goes wrong?

It’s safety overlap to reduce the insanity of the beginning of National Novel Writing Month.

Whew. I can go cool down now. No need to panic.

I think I need a brownie.

I think I don’t feel like baking brownies.

I still want one.

Garpu, I disagree - it must be worth at least 2 beers in an Irish pub or three in a standard bar - preferably Pints. And if you include the ability to import Word docs without a Word install, that must be a keg - surely? If we can agree on commodity pricing, then I’ll meet you pretty much anywhere come Dec. Post official release I’m definitely ready for holiday - I’m thinking the USA - I hear beers cheap there now?


Please let it just be insurance. I need to get out of this cave. I want to see the Sun again.

Weather would be pretty crappy in most parts in November, though. :wink:

This is fine except for my netbook (fairly standard) with 1024 x 600.