Left and Right Aligned Text in One Line

I’m trying to set up new fiction templates, and would like to set up a special first-page header, like in the default short story template. In this, the first line is partially aligned to the left, and partially to the right: author’s name to the left, word count to the right. This would be simple to do in MS Word, only requiring a right tab. But it seems to be impossible in Scrivener!

If I set up a right tab at the right margin in the editor, the last word in the line appears at the beginning of the next (left-aligned) line. If I move it in from the margin far enough, all of the text appears on the same line. But this is at best a workaround, since I want the tab flush with the right margin. Worse, either way when I print the document the right-aligned text appears on the next line, left-aligned!

In case that description is a bit confusing, what I want is:

Author Name Approximate Word Count

What I get in the editor, with a flush-right tab, is:

Author Name Approximate Word

And what I get on the actual page is:

Author Name
Approximate Word Count

How do I fix this?

If I recall, some of the templates for characters and locations use tables, with 0p lines, making them invisible but layout as you describe possible.