Legacy version?

I’m interested in using Scapple, but it says it requires MacOS 10.15. I’m still on 10.13 because upgrading would mean I lose access to my Adobe Creative Suite (doesn’t work on 64bit) and would have to start paying Adobe’s ridiculous subscription fees. Is there a legacy version of Scapple that can be purchased?

You can download older versions here: Download Scapple | Literature & Latte

Not sure about the licensing. Their previous license provider closed shop a while ago so you may not be able to activate those versions beyond the trial period. That’s something for L&L Support to answer when they are back from their holiday break.

A newly purchased license will work to activate Scapple 1.4, which can run on High Sierra (10.13). You won’t be able to upgrade past that on that system, though, so all new development won’t be applicable—in other words, recognize that if you buy a license to run 1.4 on macOS 10.13, you won’t be getting further upgrades/features/bug fixes on that OS version. Of course, if you do upgrade to macOS 10.15+ at some point (or get a second Mac running a more recent OS), you can then run the newer Scapple 1.x release with the same license.

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