Leopard, now, later or never?

So, how many of you out there are going to run to the closest apple store and buy leopard on friday? I’m thinking about it but haven’t decided yet. Maybe I’ll wait for a week or two.

I usually wait to upgrade until the first patch is released. That way I don’t have to deal with initial bugs if there are any.

Of course, if a few months goes by with no patch, then I’ll do it.

There are still a few minor bugs in the last developer seed, though the Gold Master is from a later version… But it is a fantastic OS and I’ll be using at as my main OS from Friday. Actually, it’s been my main OS for the past six months and I absolutely love it…


Because I am a fashion victim I will be buying on Friday.

I have never had a problem with a Mac upgrade but when I used Windows…

If you look on iTunes and see the method of visually searching for tracks that sells me.

I may be shallow but I am good at being shallow.


Since I’m running two applications in Classic, I must still wait… probably a couple years…

I’ll wait until I get a new laptop with it pre-installed. If I then discover I can’t live without it, I’ll buy a retail copy to install on my iMac :slight_smile:

@ptram - what on earth are you still running under Classic? Surely there must be OSX native versions of the apps by now…?

Already have my pre-order in. :smiley:

Usually I wait at least until x.x.3. But I want Spaces. And Stacks. Now. I’ve preordered it and will install right away - at least on my iMac, my iBook will continue to run with Tiger. Just to be safe …

I am waiting to see if they announce the new macbooks next month. Its time for the update, and it would be smart to do it just before x-mas. A few weeks won’t kill me… hopefully. :laughing:

Leopard has many new features I will never use, and many other new features which are nice but not absolutely necessary. But some additions are a must for me: first and for all, Spaces; then, Stacks. And the Notes feature in Mail might reveal itself very handy too. And the new Finder looks promising.

So yes, I ordered immediately. After all this talking about Leopard, I finally want to see it, to feel it, to use it.

I’ll probably get it as soon as it becomes available here in China, 'cos I like being up to date. I have a bootable external drive with 10.4.9 on it, so I can use my FCA202 audio interface, so I’ll always be able to revert to that if I have problems.


The least important of the two: Word 5.1a. I’m converting all my old documents to RTF, but this takes a very long time (I used it during my most productive age). Yes, there is finally a viable replacement, and it is called Nisus Writer Pro (and I’ve been using a mix of Mellel and NeoOffice up until now).

The most important one: FrameMaker. No viable alternative, unless I install Parallels Desktop and Windows, and cross-grade to the Windows version of Frame. And no, alas, there are no equivalents on the Mac.


Wow. Now there’s a blast from the past! Fair enough, I’m not qualified to suggest an alternative. Still, I can’t help feel there must be some modern app that would work just as well…

Not me. I have to buy a new machine first, since my much loved 5-year-old G3 iBook is apparently no longer worth supporting in new OS releases :frowning:

Unfortunately, I’m not keen on my husband’s MacBook (it’s a funny shape, it’s got sharp edges when open, and the keyboard feels odd - my husband reckons I’m mad!). And I can’t afford a MacBook Pro (which, for all I know, may even suffer from the same subjective problems as the MacBook, anyway).

So I’m waiting for the second phase of some new laptop release before I move to Leopard. By then, Leopard may itself be obsolete, and replaced with Lion or Tabbycat or something! Heigh ho.

Roll-on Mac OS X Tabby-Cat! :laughing: I think I may wait for a while, to see what the consensus experience is on speed. I suppose I can remember too many Windows upgrades that promised super-sonics and delivered snails.

Sadly, there isn’t. The only other comparable technical writing tool (Blaze) is not yet on the market, and it will be Windows-only as well.


Paolo, did you read Wock’s contribution to
this thread?

And here an article about security improvements in Leopard some of us might be interested in.

I had missed this thread entirely, so thank you for pointing me toward it.

But no, InDesign (that I have and use for some works) is not the answer yet. It still misses too many features, to be considered a real tech publishing application. And judging by the latest Adobe workshops I attended, I doubt the developers are intereste to the tech publishing market.

Desktop publishing is not a monolithic area (something I try to teach to potential clients, asking me, a writer, to make instruction manuals for showers). Text based documents are not the same as graphic driven communication. InDesign is built with this latter in mind, FrameMaker with the former. You can do the same with both, but with some pain and several nights spent doing things the other application would have done automatically for you.

As soon as I have some time, I’ll probably elaborate on that (either in this, or the other thread).


I use OS 9 on my Intel iMac via the SheepShaver emulator. Doesn’t work as nicely as Classic did, but in the absence of an alternative, it works.