Lesson plan template for teachers

It would be nice for a simple lesson plan template to be available. The compile function of Scrivener is a powerful tool that can lend itself to a broader audience than just authors. I am sure others out there would like a basic lesson plan style template that could be edited to suit their needs.

Hi PTaylor77, welcome to the forum. :slight_smile:

You know that any project can be turned into a template, right?
If you know what you want, you can do it once in a new project, then save that project as a template. (With or without its content.)
Meaning that you can either design a project that has just what you need, or use one project that is done with, or advanced, and, first using save as, then cleaning it up, finally make a template for future projects out of it.

I have a template that I use for most of my projects (novels), but as I work on a project, over time I keep improving my template. (Labels, common files, generic bookmarks etc.)

Else, the compile functions are unrelated. (Beside the fact that if you have a compile format to specifically go with that project/template, you can set it to be saved in the source project’s Project Formats, so it’ll be available for any project created off of the resulting template, no matter the computer.)



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