Letter "a" is disappearing

[attachment=0]Screenshot 2020-11-13 at 11.08.49.png[/attachment]
This image is the best way to explain what’s going wrong.

Only 1 file in the binder has the letter “a” in it.

All the other Scrivener projects are fine. I have Catalina installed. Is there a new update I should or should not install here?

Please help. I’m so confused as to what happened.

Have the same issue in my Scrivener app now on my iPhone, which is synced to all my projects via Dropbox.

That’s very strange! That’s almost certainly a problem with your system, though. Please try typing in TextEdit and see if the same happens there.
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Looks like a project-wide find and replace of the letter ‘a’ with a space character. Are there options that could have that affect binder titles too?

Fixing is likely to involve restoring from a backup. Suggest making a backup of the backup before playing with it incase something on your system corrupts that too.

But notice not every file name in the Binder is effected. Hard to see how there could be such a thorough replacement that spares two files.

Is there anywhere in Scriv where an ill-advised search and replace could substitute in both body text and doc titles? For example, could this happen in Scrivenings mode with Show Titles in Scrivenings enabled? [Sorry, away from my mac.]


P.S. My intuition keeps flagging the image as suspicious, yet the post sounds rather genuine.

Yes, you can do a project replace of “a” with “” that would affect both text and titles. You can also limit it to “currently selected documents” so it’s conceivable that two documents could be left out.

What’s hard to understand is how this could happen by accident, unless someone turned off the “Project replace cannot be undone” alert… I’ve always left it on because typing at 3am I can’t guarantee my sanity. :smiley:

In any event, restoring from a backup is likely the best way forward.

Thanks for the responses.
I just updated my operating system to Big Sur, & I’m reinstalling Scrivener. Hopefully that fixes things, or I’ll try restoring from a backup.

I wouldn’t myself have thought of early-adopting a new OS as a way of addressing this problem — kind of a large-charge approach — but good wishes to you!