Letter Templates, Bachelor Tempaltes, Own Templates


I am new in using Scrivener. I used Latex before this. A colleague advised me to use scrivener. Now I bought it and I think it is a good software. But I missing a few things. First I want to write letters. So I try to create a template, but nothing work. Maybe and I am sure of that, I did a mistake. Scrivener is able to to write a letter with it, do it not?

My bachelor thesis at university is the next step. I want to create a bachelor thesis. I need to include images in a flow text. And some as images with underlined text. How can I do this? Is their a good tut video or explanation for that?

Thanks a lot and best wishes from germany.


You can certainly use Scrivener to write a letter, but I’m not quite sure what you’re looking for as far as a template for that. Project templates in Scrivener (what you choose from when creating a new project, like “Novel” or “Stage Play (UK)”) are just projects that have had a little bit set up for you at the start–some placeholder documents in the binder, to demonstrate a binder structure, sometimes labels and status are added, etc. Often there are compile settings that use the binder structure in the template to produce a certain output, so you have the basics of that already done for you. With a letter, I’m not really sure what sort of pre-set structure you’d be looking for. If it’s just placeholder text–e.g. where your name and address go and so on–that’s not necessarily incredibly useful at this point, since you’d just have to fill it all in when you wanted to make a new letter project, although down the line when we’re able to introduce variables to automatically fill in your name and address and so on, that might make more sense.

If you do like to have the placeholder text there though as a reminder of the format, you can easily make your own template by starting a new blank project, setting it up as you want (you could even import or copy and paste text in showing the “standard formatting” for whatever type of letter you’re writing–you can probably find this online, or you could type it in from a book on the subject, etc.) and then using File > Save As Template to create your own custom “Letter Template” or whatever you choose to call it. That template would then be available to you in the future from the New Project window.

As for images, you can insert them into the text by dragging and dropping into the editor or via Edit > Insert, but you’ll need to export to RTF and do your final layout work in a word processor after you export to set the text wrapping and so forth. For the most part you can probably just not worry about that until the end anyway–work on drafting the actual text, putting in the reference images where you need them, etc. You can right-click on an image in the text and choose “Edit Image” to resize it and do some minor adjustments that way, as well.