Level 1 text sections get duplicated linefeeds in plain text

I’m seeing something really odd. The separator for every first-level text section has a blank line in the middle of the Title Prefix text when compiling for plain text output. No other text documents show this behavior. For example, here is the manuscript:
Screen Shot 2013-10-29 at 2.58.13 AM.png

And here are my Compile Format settings:
Screen Shot 2013-10-29 at 2.57.43 AM.png

And here is the output:


== Preface

Status: First Draft

All other text sections in the output look perfectly fine. For example, here is level two:

== Introduction

=== What is MCollective?
Status: First Draft

Is appears as if linefeeds in the first-level text sections are duplicated?

Do you have “Convert to plain text” ticked in “Transformations”? I’m wondering if there is a bug whereby line spacing is getting added “under the hood” before the conversion. Could you please send us, or attach to this thread, a sample project (zipped up) showing the issue? Thank you.

I have it ticked for “Paragraph Spacing”. And yes, unticking that checkbox solved the problem. Thanks!

Odd that it occurred only for the first-level header…?

I’m guessing that if you switch to a rich text format, the level 1 header is formatted to have (rich text) spacing below it. This is where the bug lies - Scrivener is interpreting that. I’ll place it on the list for fixing, thanks.