[LH#3294] Statistics: a serious problem for Chinese users ! !

There is a serious problem for Chinese users.
The statistics at the bottom of editor,only display “Words”,not “Characters”,
So if I writing in Chinese ,I can only know how much sentences I wrote ,not how much words.
Just like this:

I need a option to decide it show “Words"or"Characters”.or change it like the older version,display “Words” and “Characters” at the same time.

Solve this problem is very important for Chinese users.Thank you.


Thank You for reporting this, huajiu! The statistics have been improved a lot in Scrivener v2.9.0.11. We are matching Mac here, but unfortunately we have missed the Chinese use case that you describe. Something that might help you at the moment is click the statusbar text, which will now show you a sophisticated popup dialog with a lot of info including the characters and characters without spaces. The popup will also show info based on your current selection.
For the next version we will find a way to improve the status bar visible text and handle the Chinese language better.