[LH#3613][B17] Colored revision strikethrough not working

I recently learned of revision mode and such from this article: literatureandlatte.com/blog … rimo-novel

However when using revision mode, say first revision which is red, only what is typed is in red but when I do strikethrough through the regular text, the strikethrough isn’t red, which I really need it to be! I don’t know if anyone else has noticed this, but since even after the newest update it still doesn’t work, I figured I’d put a bug report on it.

Indeed I could not reproduce this issue. Typing a red revision and using Format > Font > Strikethrough adds a red strikethrough line through the selected text. Can you please add more details how to reproduce your problem. Thanks!

If I understand what you are saying,… I am not talking about striking out already red/revised text. I am talking about how it is shown in that article that you can strikethrough unrevised text (black text) in revision mode and the strikethrough will be red.

All I do is select the regular text I want a strikethrough through, which is supposed to be a red strikethrough because I am in revision mode, apply the strikethrough with the hotkeys or through the menu but instead of a red strikethrough, it’s black.

Yes, it makes sense. I have filed this issue, which will be fixed in the next update. Thanks!

It appears that in the recent update this has now been changed to where if in first revision mode you strikethrough black text, the strikethrough is red but the text is also turned red - in addition, if in second revision mode you strike through red text, the red text turns blue along with the strikethrough, and so on in all the other revision modes. The text that strikethrough is applied to turns the same color as the strikethrough based on revision mode color.

While…it is different than what was happening before - it is not any better than before, if anything it’s almost worse.

We need the text that is strikethrough to stay the original color and only the strikethrough to be the corresponding revision color; because if the text is changed to the revision color upon strikethrough, then we can’t tell upon future viewing that the text that is striked-out was written in a previous draft/revision mode and striked out in another revision mode. Instead it makes it look like for example, something that was written during the first draft, has a first revision mode strikethrough applied to it, the text being made red, makes the text appear as though it was written and striked out in the first revision mode and not the first draft before the first revision mode - and so forth,

Strikethrough in revision mode becomes completely pointless if there is no way to tell that something was written in a previous revision mode and striked through in a later one.