[LH#3863] dialog box of the corkboard options is too small (beta 20, Windows 7)

The dialog box of the corkboard options is much too small - its size can not be changed.

this bug was not considered in Beta 21 yet.

As official Microsoft support for Windows 7 ends in a few months, it seems a bit unlikely that L&L will fix this (or other Win7-specific bugs). Personally, I would strongly recommend upgrading to Windows 10 – having used every version of WIndows since /286 (i.e. before Win3!), 10 is easily the best so far.

No, it’s not. Besides, the end of MS support for the OS doesn’t mean people will stop using it. The user base for Win 7 is equal to the user base of Win 10. That’s not going to change soon. The old machines, and there is a lot of them still out there, will continue to use it. Win 10 is simply too heavy for them.

It looks like you have custom Windows font settings, which cause the problem in your German Scrivener dialog. We have adjusted the popup dialog geometry and properties, which will hopefully fix your problem in the next update.

This appears to be the same problem that I see with English Windows 10.


Well, we each have our preferences and opinions, of course; I was merely voicing mine. But I’ve found my older PCs (my son’s laptop and the one in my office) both run a bit better since they were upgraded to Win 10. Which, btw, overtook Win7 in market share in January this year https://www.windowscentral.com/windows-10-overtakes-windows-7-most-popular-operating-system-world-says-net-applications and has been gaining ground rapidly since then, because people are (understandably, imho) worried about relying on an operating system that will no longer be receiving essential security patches and updates. Entirely up to you, of course, if you prefer to stick with the old version.