[LH1228] Large and small caps not working properly

I want to quote a paragraph from a newspaper, the first few words were in large and small caps in the original, so I typed them in upper and lower case:

and then chose the formatting option “Small caps”. The result is unreadable (small caps are way too small:

I can’t find an option to adjust their appearance. Also, I tried the same thing with another font (Adobe Caslon Pro) that I know has the alternative glyphs for true typographic small caps; same result.

Thanks, this has been filed.

Additional information. I tried this, and the height of the small caps VARIES through the line. Not sure what’s strange here, but something is.


And here’s the extract from the RTF file:

{\f0\fs28\b0\i0\scaps Mage Terona agrees}

Originally 14-pt type in Deja Vu Serif.

I have another document in Deja Vu Sans where they are a different size altogether (half the height of the full capitals). The OP’s small caps were maybe 1/5 the height of full-size caps; I’ve got them at 1/3, 1/2, and what appears to be about 3/4 (which is what Libre Office gives me). Deja Vu fonts do not have a small caps variant.

It looks, though, as though Scriv is applying the small caps scaling algorithm multiple times for non-cap characters, and inconsistently across fonts.