[LH1719] Beta 24: Numbered / Bulleted List Issues

Hi there,

Windows 10 user with latest Beta 24, but I had this issue with the last two betas as well. Sorry if this is already known but seemed important to share.

Numbered lists are behaving really strangely for me. I tend to use numbered lists to outline as I work and am having a lot of issues.

Trying to be specific: If I go through and just make the list in order, it all works fine, but if I decide to rearrange some of the points in the list by copying and pasting or dragging and dropping, things go haywire. And even more strangely, sometimes, but not always, when they go haywire, I can’t use “undo” / ctrl+z to revert to normal; it just seems to make things behave even more strangely–sometimes the numbering of the list starts over, but sometimes I get random bullet points where there should be numbers. In other words sometimes it seems like “undo” sometimes takes me to something new rather than back.

Anyone else experiencing this? Hope this is somewhat helpful.

Bullets and numbering are still a bit buggy.

As a workaround, try reapplying numbering when the numbers get all wonky (as in example 2). Not guaranteed to work well, but if the numbers are out of order, it should fix that (tried it here).

On a list that mixes bullets with numbers, renumbering will rebuild the numbering, but the bullets will become numbers, and have to be redone (they should stay at the right level, tho).

It’d be nice if Scrivener could save a bulleting/numbering layout (e.g., what symbol goes on 1st level, 2nd level, etc, up to its numbering level limit (which is 10, I think)), but I suspect that’s not for Scrivener 3. Maybe in 3.1?

The copy/paste issue has been filed. For now, reapplying a number format to the list (as rwfranz suggests) is the best way to fix out of order numbering.