[LH1747] Importing .mmd files

When I import a MultiMarkDown (.mmd) file compiled using Scrivener 3 Mac there is no Markdown option available yet in Import and Split therefore Markdown Formatting is not applied. like it does when doing Import and Split in Mac version.

I’m assuming this is because that feature hasn’t been implemented yet. I thought I’d better document just in case.

I am presuming that a workaround would be to do a MultiMarkDown -> RTF compile on Scriv 3 Mac and then import the resulting RTF file into Scriv 3 Windows?

When I’m using Mac tomorrow I will check.

As an aside to the optional capability (which I’m sure they’ll add once they have all of the pieces together—I note there are other missing options for other formats too), I would say in general converting the MMD file to a word processing format yourself will give you a better result:

  1. Use Pandoc to convert the MMD file to DOCX (that can be done via compile if you prefer).
  2. Set up styles to match what Pandoc calls things in the Word file.
  3. Use File ▸ Import ▸ Import and Split…
  4. Select the option to split by outline structure in the document.

That gives you your hiearchical breakdown of binder documents, just like importing the MMD as text would, and for all matching stylesheet names the text will be styled in Scrivener.

Thank you Ioa. I’m a MarkDown and MultiMarkdown newbie so I’m still working things out!