[LH1781|LH2943] Default Editor Width

Another minor bug is when you modify the Appearance > Main Editor > Default editor width’s value and click Apply or Ok. To see the change you need: change the text page you are on, reopen the project or uncheck the box “Center the editor when using a fixed width”, apply, recheck and apply again.

And while we’re here in this topic, one suggestion is to add a left/center/right to place the Editor width a fixed width.
Peace out.

Thanks! This has been filed.

Is there a maximum value for the fixed editor width?

I ask because if I set it from 800 down to 400, I see it get narrower (after the little dance mentioned in the top post), but changing it from 800 to 1000 or1200 or more, nothing happens.

I’m editting on a 32" 4K monitor set as 125% magnification in Windows 10.
There’s also four other monitors (1440p 24" monitors) running also at 125%.
800 points wide is useable but not as wide as I’d like.

Dunno if this helpful or a pointless addition, but I can’t get the changed width to show no matter what I do – it’s like it doesn’t apply at all, even though the number remains saved.

If you’d like you can disable the fixed width editor, which should allow the editor to take up the entirety of the editor pane.

What value are you attempting to change it to? And is Scrivener in full-screen mode or windowed?

Yes, this works, but I like the fixed-width, I just want it to be 1200 pixels, not 800.
Is 800 the maximum fixed-width?

I’m using windowed mode exclusively at the moment. As to values, I’ve attempted a bunch of different numbers, increasing or decreasing in increments of five to see if it makes a difference, but no change is displayed. The numbers are saved as default and remain so on re-opening and creating a new project, but document width doesn’t visibly change in either new or existing documents and projects. The actual visible width seems to be stuck at 793 pt (checked through the ‘use current’ function – that’s the number it always resets to).

Hope that’s not too vague / unhelpful!


The fixed width is only a maximum editor size, so it’s possible if you are in windowed mode and only adjusting the size slightly you haven’t yet made the maximum width small enough to be visible inside the already smaller area of the main editor. If you set it to something ridiculous, like 100, does that make any difference? Or does it still look the same? (Keep in mind the above issue of needing to refresh by loading another document).

Tested this out, and it does seem to be size related. Set it to 150, which displayed perfectly fine, then tried to increase in increments of 100 – everything showed up just fine until I tried to shift from 550 to 650, then it stopped showing up again. No visible change when shifting down from 750 to 550 (or vice-versa), but shifting from 550 to 450 shows up as normal. Again, hope that makes some measure of sense.

It should not be, but it appears that it (or something close to it) is currently the maximum. This has been filed as a bug.

Thanks for your help with this.