[LH1814] Revision color being lost between Mac and Windows opening the same file ( not at the same time)


I’m sharing a project via dropbox to my writing partner. I’m on the latest 3.0 beta on windows and she’s on a mac.

Occasionally ( and we can’t tell when), text that I’ve added in Revision mode changes color for me - but once and a while, my partner opens the project ( after I’ve closed it) and the colors of what I’ve edited is gone ( just back to black)

Anyone else see this?

Thanks. This has been filed.

I get this with IOS.
If I’ve got a document with revisions and just look at it on my iPhone it appears exactly the same when I next edit it in this version. BUT if I make any changes to the iPhone version all my revisions switch-back to black when I open the file in this version. Not sure if this is a bug or just something not supported in the more cut-down IOS version?

This bug is going to impact every editor other than the Scrivener for Windows editor. The way it should work is that revisions should use simple text colour, which requires no special features to be built for it. They should even work in WordPad and copy and paste freely.