[LH1986] Scratch pad missing UI elements? (

So I’m trying to create a new note in my scratch pad, and I’m missing the icons at the left to create a new note or delete an existing one. Resizing the window doesn’t bring the buttons back, either. StaceyUK was kind enough to send me a screenshot of hers, and she clearly has two shadowy boxes where the correct buttons should be. Bug? Or not in the program yet?

ETA: StaceyUK kindly informed me that I do, in fact, have those squares. If I squint, I can just make out the different gray (perhaps a vestige of my family’s color-blindness?) If I click in the expected place, I can create and make notes.

The boxes do the add and remove scratch pad functions as I clicked them to see what would happen but the UI element is missing.

FYI this is what my scratch pad screen looks like.

Don’t think it’s your colour blindness as they are barely visible to me on my hi res screen, but they are there.

I could be able to tweak the theme, as well, to be a lighter gray. I haven’t found a theme that works with WINE, to be perfectly honest. :confused: The GTK integration is a crapshoot, I’ve found.

Thanks! This has been filed.

Yay! :slight_smile: