[LH2101] Highlight remains after Split with Selection as Title

In Version: Beta (273516) 64-bit - 01 Aug 2018, If I split a page using “Split with Selection as Title” then the selection highlight remains where it was in the new page. That is to say, it shows a few lines down from the top. There also seem to be highlighting inconsistencies in the Binder, where a line remains selected when it should not be as another has become highlighted.

Windows Home 10 latest update.

This is indeed a bug. The highlight should remain on the chosen text, rather than keeping the same position in the editor.

As for the binder, if an editor is updated to show a new document in some way other than by clicking in the binder, the binder selection will remain as it was but a new highlight will be added. This way you can find both the current document as shown in the editor and the most recently selected document in the binder. This element is working as intended.

Thank you!

Thank you for clarifying the distinction between the bug and the proper behavior. Glad I could help a little in finding something useful. -Don