[LH2255] Annotation bubble behaves oddly

If I highlight some text in a document and hit CTRL+Shift+A to turn it into an annotation, one of two things happen:

Thanks for the screenshots! We are still working through some bugs with the text decoration display for annotations, inline footnotes, and the like, and I can reproduce the second issue here with the greater line spacing. I’m not seeing the drastic offset you show in the top example, however. Do you notice this only occurs with a specific editor or formatting set up? Is there a table on the page? Hopefully in fixing the other issues this will also be fixed, but if you are able to detail reproduction steps that allow us to see it directly, that would be super helpful. Thanks!

Now I can’t reproduce that problem in the top pic… Bah! So I’m gonna have to get back to you with more info if I can trigger it again. Sorry. :slight_smile:

No problem; I appreciate your trying, so do let us know if you find something! As I say, there are some general glitches we’ve been continuing to try to iron out with this (it’s been through a few iterations already), so it will probably be caught as we continue to tweak, but it’s always good to have specific reproduction cases we can confirm.