[LH2286] Beta 12 - Bullet points not functioning correctly vis-a-vis setting indentation level with tab/shift+tab

I don’t know if that has already been reported or not, but I assume bullet lists are intended to function as they do in Microsoft Word where pressing tab will set the bullet at a lower level (more indentation) and a shift tab before text is written on a given bullet point will raise the bullet level (less indentation) and so on and so forth. Currently, pressing enter does create a new bullet, but tabbing does not change the level of the bullet point. Instead, tab just indents the text, leaving the bullet where it is. There may be other issues with how the bullet points function, but that was the big one I noticed.

Thanks for all y’all’s hard work!

This has been filed. Thanks!

That has been an issue with previous releases as well. In my case, I do not even get the bullet after hitting [Enter]. On Windows.