[LH2286] Is the list function broken, or just different?

I cannot figure out how to use the list function. In 1.9x it was simple. Press tab bullets move right. Press shift tab, bullets move left. Indent / unindent. These no longer work. Manipulating the left margin anchors from the ruler seem to help some, but functionally this is ridiculously cumbersome.

Under Format menu / Paragraph, there is lots of stuff about tab stops, tabs and indents, increasing and decreasing, but those don’t seem to work. For instance, I change the .17 to .25 but it just changes back the next time I look.

I searched the interactive tutorial and failed to find anything about how to use bullet lists.

So, is it not working yet, or is there something somewhere that I can read to explain how they work now?

It is not yet working correctly. There are currently several known bugs affecting how lists should work.

It’s not just you :wink:


Is this also true of the list numbering? I have lists that keep renumbering incorrectly (eg I have A, B, with some bullets underneath and then It goes to A again for no apparent reason and I can’t get it back)

I just fixed it by selecting all and going to Format, Lists and re-checking the ABC list. Don’t know why it got screwed up in the first place though.

It seems, however to change back every time I have a new bullet and press return. It reverts to a new list (ie, it changes to A again)

Yes, that has also been filed as part of this ticket. Thanks!

Thanks. Glad. Hope its soon :slight_smile:

'Hokay. Glad it’s not just me. Being unable to indent a list was killing me and this thread did not turn up at first.