[LH2286] List Indents Not Changing Hierarchy?

Based on my searches, it looks like using Tab and Shift-Tab ought to increase a list item’s position in the list hierarchy, or decrease it. Right now, it isn’t doing that for me in the Windows beta. Is anybody else having this issue?

Tabs are behaving strangely with list items.

I added a numbered list in a new document.
Make a few random text entries, they work fine.
Tab a blank entry, I get a period “.” where the number was. Reverse tab, then, and the number is restored, but the entry tabbed backward. Tab that, and the entry moves forward, but without the number. The period “.” remains, underneath the numbers above. Tab again, and the period moves over a few pixels (and it seems to have no correspondence to anything I can see), and the TEXT tabs over to the right. Tab again, and it does the same thing. For 9 tabs; then it stops any response.
The “tab indicator” on the ruler moves, too, but NOT the same distance the period moves, and NOT the same distance the text moves.

If this is what you’re seeing, the bug is corroborated.

Double ditto. Similar for bulleted lists, except when you tab in from the leftmost bullet it doesn’t change into a period.

Thanks all. This has been filed.

Partly fixed, it seems.

What’s happening now is almost correct. We have bullets, and they move when we tab (but see below). Great.


1. Scriv is adding 2 picas worth of space between the bullet point and the text at each bullet level.

Image: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1XLvFXl1kS0h1hFnUWNIMuxaGXzkKMpCO

From the image, you can see the divergent item text from the bullet points. The bullets shift a pica; the text shifts 3 picas (from the ruler above). This was unexpected; bulleted items should not diverge at all from their accompanying text.

There appears to be no way to set an option for this. If the bullets were supposed to change to multiple-character bullets according to the indent level, this might be expected. Personally, I would find that annoying.

So if this is intentional, I don’t like it, and I’m not sure anyone else does either. I don’t use bulleted lists all that often, but when I do, I expect them to behave themselves.

2. When hitting tab at a bullet, the FIRST tab appears to do nothing. It takes TWO tabs to move the list item over.

3. Ctrl-shift-v does not work as expected in the bulleted list. I paste a piece of a list item onto the end of a list item, expecting it to format to the existing list item, and it creates a new list item, right below it, instead.

4. Sometimes, multiple tabbing does not move the item over. Sometimes, tabbing eliminates the bullet, putting the rest of the item at the left margin. However, Scrivener still thinks the item is bulleted.

5. The number of levels of bulleting is limited to nine (10, if you count a shift-tab to outdent to the margin). I expect this is intentional.

Also, sometimes, the bullets do not change position at all when attempting to indent them by tab. The text moves, the bullets don’t.

Really quirky behavior. still broken. And numbered lists are worse. With bulleted lists, the bullets show. Numbered lists? Once you indent again, nope.