[LH2601] Project statistics and targets not functioning

I can’t see any mention of this in the beta forums, despite it being an ongoing issue through numerous beta versions.

One of the main reasons I use Scrivener is for the statistical functions, and the tools that allow wordcount calculations with deadlines, session word counts, etc.

Is there any plan to fix these in the next beta? Theses functions seem to have been completely ignored, and simply don’t work.

It has been reported: literatureandlatte.com/foru … ts#p272426

Ah, thanks. I hadn’t found that report - not surprising as it is now 10 months old! Good grief. The bug is not listed in any notes for the current beta either.

Hello! I’m sorry for your frustration. This has been filed and we will work on getting it fixed, however I cannot say with any certainty which beta version will see them back online. I do not believe it will be done in time for the next version which will be coming out later this month.

Aaaagh, How disappointing. :wink:

Anyway, so long as it comes to the final version I’ll be happy. :slight_smile:

Thank you for the great product.

Following up on this topic, have project statistics and targets been fixed in the current Windows beta?

No, they are still broken. Also if you leave Scrivener open overnight, it will simply delete the previous day’s statistics.

Beta 12 is worse than beta 11 in this regard.

Calculating the project/session statistics is calculating the counts properly in Beta 12(except the case with auto-calculated session counts, which does not remove existing draft counts). Resetting the session counts is still having issues in some cases, so you might prefer resetting the session counts manually, if it does not work as expected in your preferred case.