[LH2601] Project Targets auto calculate do not work

Project Targets doesn’t calculate the targets automatically, even though the "Automatically calculate from draft deadline” and the days are properly selected.

Is that a bug or they are not implemented yet?

Windows 10 & 64-bit beta

Thanks for catching this! This is a bug and has been filed.


Can we expect this to be fixed soon, please?



I’m happy about the new Beta 9, but to my surprise, there is nothing about the targets. They still don’t work. They are not even mentioned in the Known Issues section. Can we expect those to be fixed in the final version or they’ll be dropped out completely?

Thank you,

We are sorry this is still not fixed, Krastev. This is not a minor bug, but unfortunately did not make it this round. It will be definitely fixed in the final release.

Thank you. Much appreciate it.

With November upon us, I hope for a pleasant surprise: to have this fixed for NaNo. :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: