[LH2665|LH3156] Layout issue?

Not sure how this happened. I was exploring the Windows | Layout menu, and clicked on one of the layouts (“Dual Navigation”).

I changed the layout to something else. So, I have two document windows in split screen, but in one of them, I cannot select a folder and obtain the outline view. This is a new behavior, and only happened after I selected a layout. Before, I could select a folder and obtain an outline view.

Ctrl-3 will create an outline view of nothing, and I still cannot select a folder to view in the document.

I click inside that one window (the right one, when vertically split), and the OTHER window changes its view when I select a folder.

Now to try in a different project, to see if this also happens there (this project is converted from an older version, though it’s been edited for a while in Beta 3).

Seems to have created a permanent “copyholder/editor pane” that cannot be removed, and the document it shows cannot be changed by selecting the one you want to see. Now, how do I get rid of this behavior? It’s annoying as heck. Reverting to single pane and then to double does not help. Clicking the box with the arrow at the bottom doesn’t help either.

It seems that once you choose a layout, you can’t unchoose it? Change it, yes. Unchoose it? No.

I hope this is not intended behavior. It’s not a dealbreaker, but it does mean the default layouts are useless to me. I really do not want any semi-functional panes, and that’s what they seem to produce.

Either I’m missing something, or this is a bug.

Fixed this by creating a new project, opening the two panes the way I prefer them, saving the Layout as “Dual Editor.”

But seriously, I should be able to UNDO a layout without doing that.

There’s no explanatory text for the built-in layouts now; once that’s added, it should help with this! For the dual navigation layout:

• Use the binder to load documents in the left editor.
• Use the outliner on the right to load documents below it.
• To change the folder viewed in the outliner, drag a folder from the binder and drop it onto the outliner’s header bar.

As part of the layout, Navigate > Binder Selection Affects is set to the left editor specifically, while the right editor’s outliner is set to affect the copyholder. Other layouts have different settings.

While there’s no “undo” for a layout (just as there’s no undo for resizing the editor or hiding the inspector), ultimately there should be a few easy options for restoring your usual settings, which just aren’t all implemented yet:

  • a “Clear All Navigation Options” setting to restore the defaults (e.g. binder affects the current editor)
  • loading the “Default” layout (this layout is listed in the Layouts menu but isn’t applying the default settings at the moment)
  • you could also create your own saved layout of your usual setup so you can switch back to that.

Even without those, you can still manipulate the window after applying a layout just as you normally would–the copyholder can be closed via the “x” in the upper right corner, the split between the editors can be dragged or the second editor closed, you can reset Binder Selection Affects to how you want it, etc. The other settings will just make this a quicker process by applying that at once–so maybe you want to wait on using the layouts until that’s in place. :slight_smile:

That said, you may never care for using the built-in layouts (or layouts at all), and there’s certainly no reason you need to. We’re adding the built-in options to demonstrate some different ways of setting up your workspace and using Scrivener, and they may not be useful to how you work–or they may help you realize how features could interact to give you a different setup that’s not the built-in layout but is still one you hadn’t previously thought of, and so you’re inspired to create your own layout. Whatever works!