[LH2734] Viewing Web Page Imports in Research

When I import a web page in the binder under Research, then click in editor, I notice the link is at the bottom of the screen below the page. The link works but I wonder how I might be able to see the actual page within Scrivener itself…

Normally I use the Mac version and there’s no issue. Is what I’m seeing in Windows by design or is there a setting I may be missing?

This is is just a bug in the beta, the MHT files aren’t displaying at the moment. Note though if you’re going between Mac and Windows, you’ll need to import webpages as PDF files to make them viewable in the editor on both systems, as Windows and Mac use different file formats to archive the webpages. You’ll always have the option of just opening the archived page in an external editor, though, so that might be all you need on your second platform.

Thanks, Jennifer

I just ran into same problem, so no need to submit a new ticket.