[LH2748] - navigating via 'Go To' in full screen changes text colour

  1. create new project with two text documents, each containing text
  2. enter full screen with f11
  3. navigate to the other document with the Go To menu
  4. text changes colour - exiting and re-entering full screen returns text to original colour

Version: Beta (19429)

I’m also experiencing this. I haven’t changed the Composition mode theme, as I quite like the new default, and the text goes from the nice whiteish off-blue to black, making it impossible to see on the off-black background.

I wonder if this is related to something I found in the Appearance options. I have found that the Editor doesn’t respect changes made to the font color for new items created after the setting was selected. See my bug item: viewtopic.php?f=57&t=40752

Thanks! This has been filed