[LH2755]: Right indent not working as expected

Starting with a new project, I tried applying right ident 1.0 inch to new text (No Style). It pushes the text to a single column of words on the far left side of the page. Left indent, however, seems to be working fine.

Hello, would you mind giving us a bit more information? What steps did you take to implement the right indent? And was Scrivener Windowed or in Full Screen at the time (Full Screen for Windows, I don’t mean Composition Mode)


It was in full screen mode filling the entire screen. I opened a new text, used the default style and typed a paragraph with no returns that filled three lines in the editor. I then highlighted the text, selected “Format/Paragraph/Tabs and Indents” and set the right paragraph indent to 1.00 inch. It immediately collapsed all my text to the left side of the editor window.

I also experimented with using “Format/Paragraph/‘Increase/Decrease Indents’/Increase right indent” and it did the same thing. BTW, the left indent controls seem to be working as intended.

Thanks for catching this. It definitely looks like “Increase Right Indent” and “Decrease Right Indent” are not working correctly. This has been filed.

As for using the Tabs and Indents window, when the right indent is set to 1 inch that means it is set at the 1inch marker on the page (this is clearer if the Ruler is turned on). To achieve a “1 inch indent” from the right side of the editor page, you would want to set the right indent to “10.5” (or whatever is one inch less from your right margin if you’re not using the default)

Hope that helps, and thanks again for helping us find the Increase/Decrease issue!

Thanks for clarifying how the right ident function is intended to work. Having the ruler open helps.

On that subject, in Scrivener 1.97 the show ruler option was under “Format/Ruler.” I don’t see the equivalent drop down choice in Scrivener 3. I did note that the keyboard shortcut still works, however.

Thanks you for work in bringing all these features to the Windows version!

We’re glad to do it!

In Scrivener 3 the ruler has been moved to View > Text Editing > Ruler
Hope this helps!

Great. I just didn’t poke around enough to find it. Thanks!

Right indent still doesn’t work for me. I am trying to increase right indent on the Block Quote style.

Same here. But by following the advice in the 3rd response above I was able to solve my problem.