[LH2794] Spell checker dictionary not up to standard?

I have found the spell checker dictionary used by scrivener to be woefully inadequate. Many words that are flagged as incorrect are in fact correct when searched in most online dictionaries, and it also doesn’t recognize very common slang that other dictionaries recognize. Is there anyway to switch to a more comprehensive dictionary for the spell checker?

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Hi Lunatique,

We currently support the Hunspell dictionary set, which is available to download in File > Options > Corrections

We will be looking at a way to allow users to install their own dictionaries, but this will most likely occur after the official launch. There is no guarantee that we will find a way to make that work, but it has been taken as a suggestion.


Is the Hunspell one just the “English (United sTates - en - us)” one? And it’s different from the default one Scrivener uses?

Sorry if I wasn’t clear. The dictionary you referenced is part of a set of Hunspell dictionaries for various languages and dialects, which are available for download. The English one is the default for Scrivener, but more are available in File > Options > Corrections. I referred to them collectively as the Hunspell Set, as they all come from Hunspell.

From what I can tell, Scrivener uses the normal hunspell dictionary, or something very close to it.

At [url][JH] Dictionaries - Portuguese - #6 by Aristoteles] are instructions for replacing your dictionaries, if you want further reading. This is not supported by L&L. I simply tried replacing the dictionary and it worked.

Personally, I went to the SCOWL site at http://app.aspell.net/create. I only used American spelling, but included level 3 spelling variants and both special lists.