[LH2828] Alt+0151

Hitting those keys does not give me an em-dash in v3, but just messes up with the formatting of my text in random ways. I realise I can use two hypens, but wonder if it is a bug. Also CTL + Down arrow does not navigate down paragraph to paragraph as in, say Word, but I may not understand that Scrivener works differently in this regard.

Also, one more small bug: I have the “back up with each manual save” button checked in OPtions, but this is not triggered by “CTL+S”, but only by selecting save from the file menu. Cheers.

I just tried it, can’t replicate. That said, if I do alt+151 (leaving off the 0), I’ll get ù.

Maybe check your keyboard mode. I’ve had some things pop up when I’m in US International vs US Standard.

Hi bilze, the Alt Issue is a known bug that we are dealing with where our styles shortcuts are interfering with special character shortcuts. This has been filed.

As for your other issue, I was not able to replicate it. “Ctrl+S” triggers the backup for me. Is this a consistent issue for you?

Hi Bryan,

Yes, CTL+S never works, but using File/Save always triggers a backup.

Is CTL + Down arrow also an issue, or is there a different way of navigating para to para that I just don’t get?

The Ctrl + Down issue should be fixed in the next beta version. As for Ctrl+S not creating a backup for you, I have not been able to reproduce the problem at all. Could you send a project where this is happening to the following email address?


That may help me track it down better. Also if possible can you try with a different keyboard? Even the on screen keyboard for Win10 may help us rule out a hardware issue.

Thanks for your help in this.