[LH2848] Kindle eBook generated with strange characters (â € œGratitudeâ €  â €“, targetÂ, businessÂ, etc)

The Kindle file was created with strange characters.

Scrivener replaced -within the Kindle eBook- many, many words with strange characters.

Heâ € ™ s
peopleâ € ™ s
Donâ € ™ t
Todayâ € ™ s
canâ € ™ t
â € œPatienceâ €  â €“
â € œEmpathyâ €  â €“
â € œGratitudeâ €  â €“


I don’t know what else to do. I have tried EVERYTHING, every available option and nothing works.

HOW CAN I SOLVE THIS?? Please, help!!!

I am using Version: Beta (149671) 64-bit / Windows 10

Thank you so much!!!

This is indeed a bug, and has been filed in our system. Thank you.

Is there a method of duplication for this?

I generated a test mobi in the same version and don’t see it (yet).

If I can duplicate it I’ll try it again as well after the next release so there’s more of us in the wild looking for it :slight_smile:

edit: Aha! When I closed Kindle for Desktop and opened it again it installed an update. The updated version showed all the funky characters… (v1.23.1 50133). I’m not sure what version of Kindle it was before that though. Hope that helps with testing against Kindle after :slight_smile:

The thing that confuses me about this one is why kindlegen created a perfectly formatted version from Scrivener when read with the older version of Kindle, and created a messy one when read with the new version.

You’d think if it was happening on the Scrivener side that kindlegen would have made a bad mobi file for both the old and new Kindle.

I just compiled my test file as an epub from Scrivener and it came out fine.
Then I opened the command line and ran kindlegen manually to convert the epub to mobi.
It reintroduced most of the extra characters during the kindlegen process.

I’ve found a workaround in the meantime if you need to get your mobi documents cleaned.

Compile to epub (or your preferred format), and add to your Calibre library. Then use Calibre’s conversion utility to make it a mobi.

Verified working on Kindle for Desktop and Kindle Paperwhite


That bug is still there with 2.9.05.

The same book ,with the old Scrivner and the same version of Kindegen works just perfect

Issue fixed!

Beta 10:
Just checked it in the Kindle Previewer: I’ve got my German “Umlaute” back. ä ö ü and ß are fine. :smiley:

Now I can use the beta for evry step of the work.

I’ m happy.

Glad to read that it worked, Dorothea! Beta 10 received a good amount of love improving the eBook compile output. Enjoy!