[LH2853] Character style disappears after paragraph break

When a text is styled with a paragraph and a character style, the character style disappears after a paragraph break (the paragraph style only “Saves paragraph style”, and the character style only “Saves character attributes” ). However if the text only has a character style, then the next paragraph properly inherits the character style.

Version: Beta (50498) 64-bit - 21 Dez 2017 / Win7

Is this really a bug? How are you generating it?

I can reproduce the bug like this:

  1. create a pure paragraph style (saving only paragraph attributes. Try some indentation to make things clearer. Next style is the same paragraph style)
  2. create a pure character style (saving only character attributes. Try a different color to see the effect more clearly)
  3. assign both to some so far Non-style text
  4. the style button then correctly indicates + .
  5. hit ENTER at the end of the line and continue typing. You’ll find the style button only indicating . If you used a different color before, you’ll see that the text is now black again (given that this is the default color).

Properly separating paragraph and character styles is very important, when you use semantic styling like I do.

Anyway, expected behaviour would be that Scrivener takes over the character style to the next paragraph, but it doesn’t only drop the character style association, it even falls back to default format, which means that in addition to no longer having a character style, the text doesn’t even show the formatting attributes of the dropped character style. You would not expect this even when doing manual formatting: It is like when you happily write in e.g. hard-formatted italics, hit enter and the next text you type is regular again.

The paragraph style has itself listed as the “next style” so of course it carries on to the next paragraph.

I would expect character styles to be ended by a paragraph.

Well, I wouldn’t, because then, as I said, you would also have to be O.K. with writing e.g. in italics, making a paragraph break and then suddenly be confronted with a different character formatting.

Also, I am not complaining about the paragraph style, this one gets carried over as defined (despite another bug: [url][NB] Next Style setting does not work correctly]).

Btw the behaviour I am expecting is exactly the one which other applications being capable of dealing with paragraph and character styles show, including Word, Libre and OpenOffice.

Let’s see what L&L thinks about it.

… and: Happy New Year!

I guess I just see it differently – if I was using formatting like italics on the entire paragraph and expecting it to carry over, I would define the style as “All formatting” precisely so that it carried over wherever that style was used. I expect that’s why we have paragraph styles, character styles, and “all formatting” styles.

Linus is correct in that the Character Style should not be dropped upon starting a new paragraph, unless that were the setting for “Next Style” Currently this is a bug and has been filed. Thank you!