[LH2898] Outliner View Columns reverted to Standard, losing all Metadata columns

I am using pre-official beta 2903, but do not think the release caused the issue as I know I had my robust Outliner View with my Custom Metadata and a few other columns at such as for Total Word Count. When I went to look in Outline Mode to update a number of statuses at once, I noticed that all Culmuns I had previously tagged hag been untagged (in the menu drop-down for View\Outliner Coulmns.

I am not certain what may have caused this, but will rest them and keep an eye out for them again. I just earlier changed a few of my Status definitions, but doubt that would have had any impact… However, a few days ago, I was testing out many things and while I knew to stay away from Scrivenings Mode, I was checking out some Preferences and did check the box for Centering Titles and also Underlining Titles in Scrivenings, not realizing that it would actually change the content of Scrivenings (stupid on my part, now that I think about it). I have not use the Outliner Mode since then, so that may have been what caused the issues. Anyway, I will keep an eye on it to see if it happens again and if so, hopefully find out for sure what caused it.

I know this is not the forum for requesting new features, but it would be nice to be able to save report / tagged column formats and reload them as needed, as I can see value in having several customized views to choose from.

And just to be clear, I did not lose my Custom Metadata or the way I defined them (free-form, List, Check Box, Date,etc.) nor did I lose the contents of the MEtadata, I only lost the tags saying they were part of the Outliner Mode column listing.

Hello! Sorry for the late response to this.

You say that the columns were no longer tagged in the menu, did they also not show up in the outliner at all? In other words, did the outliner revert back to its default settings or did this issue only affect the dropdown menu ui?

Also, have you seen this again since in the newer beta?

Thank you.

Sorry Bryan, I shoul have updated this and it has been filed under a different bug report by you or Jennifer anyway I believe). What I have found out is that when opening the project new, and immediately looking at the View > Outliner Columns that nothing shows, but if you do indeed, go to Outliner View, then they are all still there and the next time you go to View > Outliner Columns, they do in fact display. So it is only the initial view that does not have any checked nd caused me to file this in the first place. Verify it has been filed in another post as the bug and then you can close this one.

You have this filed under [LH2898] which is the better description of the actual problem and supersedes this post.

Ah. Thank you for clarifying that this is indeed that same issue. I was worried it was also changing what columns were actually showing in outliner.