[LH2912] All Columns Show in Outliner When I Create a New Custom Meta-Data Field

I had the outliner in a split view with scrivening mode. the outliner was in the top pane. There were some columns I had excluded from the view, such as status and creation date.

When I clicked on the popup to create a new metadata column, all the columns in the outliner popped back into view. When I went to View - Outliner Columns, they were still unchecked, even though they were visible in the outliner. When I checked a column and then unchecked it again, it would disappear from the outliner.

Update: This seems to happen when in just outliner mode as well, when I go to the Project menu and add a custom Meta Data field. Random column pop into the outliner that were previously unselected.

Also, the Section Type column was selected, and disappeared when the other columns popped in. So it’s a combination of some columns going away, and others showing up.

Yes. I had a similar experience. With the outliner in a split editor, when I added three custom meta data items, keywords popped up in the outliner even though it was not ticked as a selection. I then added another custom meta data item and the first three disappeared from the outliner but remained ticked in the selection column.

Thanks, both of you! This has been filed.

Just to confirm this problem. I added a number of keywords, and after I had finished, a number of random columns had been added to the outliner.