[LH2912] Custom Metadata Creation Bug while in outliner mode

I started outlining a new novel today and ran into an interesting bug.

I always write my outlines in outline view and I use custom meta data and the synopsis sections to create it.

While in outliner view, I created a new custom meta data field. After I completed the creation, outliner view added a bunch of columns to the view. But it wasn’t even the meta data I had just created, it just randomly added the date created, keywords, and section types columns to the view.

I tried it again to see if I could recreate it and it happened again.

Next, I went out of outline mode to the main editor (Scrivenings mode I think you call it) and created another piece of custom meta data. I checked the outline view and it did not add columns.

Tried again in outliner mode and it added the same columns as the first time.
Went to corkboard view and tested it with another piece of meta data. Checked the outliner. No new columns added.

This seems to only happen when you create a new piece of custom meta data while in outliner view. Obviously, the work around is to just create the meta data while in a different view mode.

However, the only thing I use custom meta data for is for creating my outlines.

The other thing it does is scramble my columns. I’ve attached two images. The first is how the columns look prior to creating a new piece of custom data. As you can see, I have it arranged Tite, Label, Status.

The second, shows how it looks after the creation of a custom piece of meta data. It moves Title to the end and drops the three new columns at the beginning.

I’m on Windows 10. I use the latest beta in the 64 bit version.

Update, I tried one more test.

Previously, I had been going into the view panel and unchecking the added columns before trying a new creation.

This time, I left them checked, added another new piece of meta data and it added even more random columns to the outliner view. (Modified Date, Words, and Total Words to be exact).

Known bug, I fear.

[url][LH2912] Outliner Columns - #2 by thePhilosoraptor]

Ahh. I did a search but didn’t find anything. Just wanted to make sure it was logged as I had never run into it before.

Yep. This has been filed. Thanks.