[LH2915] Some of my script formats are not being carried over

Some of my script formats (Dialogue and Action for example) become ‘General Text’ when opened in the beta.

They are ok when the same file is opened in 1.9

The scriptformat.xml file is attached. Correction - the site won’t allow me to upload it. I’ll email it.

This bug is still there in the current beta.
This is what happens when I apply some of my script formats.

Has this bug been logged? It’s still there in Obviously it renders most of my projects unreadable.
This is the file in 1.9. The dialogue lines are formated using a script element called ‘Dialogue’.
When opened in the beta, it looks like this.
However, the dialogue section has been reformated as ‘General Text’. The script element ‘Dialogue’ has been carried across, but when I reapply it, this is the result - the lines are displayed overlapping each other:

Thank you. This has been filed.

I am still getting this bug in the latest beta 10.

Unless the bug number has been called out as fixed in the latest version’s release notes (or they have posted to the thread saying it has been fixed) it is safe to assume it has not yet been fixed.