[LH2926] Links do not work in Quick Reference or when Bookmarked

I created a document with five links for writing and editing support tool that sits in the Research Folder. When I am in the Editor I can click anywhere in the link and they open and bring up the website. However, when I open that document in Quick Reference or have it Bookmarked, and try to open the links, it sees what the link is when you hover over it, but will not open it. (i.e., the cursor is still the text cursor and does not change to the little hand.)

It does open the link Quick Reference and Bookmarks on Mac.

My bookmark links work. However, when I first click on it there is a huge delay (30 seconds) before anything is displayed. After the first link displays, the other links work fine. Seems like a programming issue. My suggestion to the programmers, if this can’t be resolved then a loading message should display. Otherwise, we think it is not working.

Thanks! This has been filed.