[LH2986] Freeform Corkboard - move off screen

A couple odd findings on the freeform corkboard (yay for it being on Windows!)

When moving a card that is off the bottom edge, or moving one down further, it seems to act odd. When moving off the bottom, the card ends up covering the Start bar at the bottom. I would expect it to move down with the corkboard, or at least not cover the start bar.

When moving one that is off the screen (top or bottom) the only part that shows is the section that you can see. So, you have a portion that is cut off while you are moving it. I would expect the missing parts to show as they become “visible”. But they just stay gone.

Otherwise, it seems to be working so far. Just working on figuring out how it works. Thanks!

Thanks for your post! Your issue with only part of the card showing when moving to a new location has been filed.

As for your first point, could you clarify for me? Are you referring to the Windows Task Bar? And if so, does the card continue to cover it after having been placed, i.e. does it block access to the Task Bar?

Yes, task bar. I’m just used to calling it the start bar.

The card does go away after it is moved, not blocking the task bar at all.

Ah, I see what you’re saying. That behaviour is as intended and is the same on the Mac. The ghost image will follow the mouse anywhere on the screen until the card is dropped, which does cover other elements. It’s not as pronounced on the Mac since there is no taskbar at the bottom.