[LH2996] Text navigation/selection keyboard shortcuts not working

I notice that what I think of as standard text navigation shortcuts (such as Ctrl+[right arrow] to move the cursor to the start of the next word) don’t work consistently in Beta 10. That one does, but Ctrl+[down arrow] – which I would expect to move the the cursor to the start of the next paragraph, actually moves it to the top of the document, and so does Ctrl+[up arrow]. And, as a result, Ctrl+shift+[down arrow] selects the whole document, instead of the following paragraph.

These worked in 1.97 as I would have expected.

There doesn’t appear to be an option to change them in beta 10, and the option (Options: Keyboard) to Import from Word doesn’t appear to do anything.

Also found here: [LH2411|LH2996] Moving by paragraphs doesn't work

Thank you. This has been filed.