[LH3034], 64 bit. Scrivenings view, changing documents causes crash

How to reproduce:

Start scrivener > enter scrivenings view while viewing a folder > select a different document > crash.

By the way, in the first ten minutes I used this beta Scrivener crashed twelve times.

As it sounds like you’re reliably reproducing this in a project, would you please send a zipped copy of the project to win3beta@literatureandlatte.com so we can see the crash directly? (Please include a link to this forum thread.) Additionally, in the Scrivener installation folder, you should have a “minidump” folder containing the crash logs; if you could also send the most recent of those, we’d appreciate it. Thanks!

I have the same thing happening. I can’t send the script file because it contains confidential stuff, but I’ll send the mini dumps. My document had this structure:
---- Scene 1
---- Scene 2
---- etc…
---- Scene 1
---- Scene 2
---- etc…

I then selected CHAPTER 1 to see the whole chapter. When I after this clicked any of the individual scene files, the crash occurred.

It also occurred when I selected multiple files in the Binder and then tried to click any single file (to deselect) - I wasn’t able to deselect the scenes without a crash.


Select any two documents. Click third. -> crash

But also:

Select folder, click corkboard -> crash
Select folder, click research -> crash

Hmm, guys. I hope the next beta-version doesn’t take until end of July, because this one is a little »nervous«. :wink:

But curiously, I couldn’t replicate this with a Blank document, it only happened in my old project (that I worked on with previous Beta).

Can you?

The bug can be easily reproduced even on v.3 tutorial. I hope there will be version before long. The crashes occur a bit too often for me to keep testing this one.

Ah, good to hear there’s a way! Yea, me too, it’s really risky to work on something since the crash occurs so easily.

Some random notes about the crashing. Perhaps folks having the crashing problem can experiment with this.

I’ve discovered that I can make this happen if my editor zoom settings are set to 125% and I click on a folder or doc in the binder panel while in scrivenings mode. Usually I have to click on a doc, have it open at 125% and then click on another doc, or more frequently click on a folder to open it in scrivenings mode. I haven’t established a distinct pattern – have to experiment some more as well as try it in other modes than scrivenings – but I can definitely make Scrivener crash.

However, if I set the zoom to 100% the crashes go away. (I should add that I’m changing the zoom level at the bottom of the editor window. I have the default zoom for new docs set at 100%). If I exit Scrivener with the zoom set to 100% it means that when I next open it the zoom is still set to 100% – and there are no crashes. However, if I then change the zoom to 125%, from 100%, and exist Scrivener without touching any of the documents or folders, the next time I start Scrivener it opens at 125% zoom and crash problems return.

You are right!

My Scrivener project that caused the crashes was set to zoom level 90%. I changed it to 100% and the crashes disappeared. Changing zoom back to 90% made the crashes reappear.

Another project I started today worked fine until I changed zoom level from 100% to 110%.

Can confirm. Works fine when zoom is 100% but crashes when zoom is 110%.

Sorry. In my case, Scrivener crashes even at 100% view. So the program is unfortunately completely useless.

Just did some further testing. The project I had been using, the one on which I based my initial post, was imported from Scrivener v 1.9.7 32 bit. Just now I used a project that I had created in Scrivener, 64 bit, so in the previous beta. The default zoom and the page zoom were both set to 100% and hadn’t been changed from that. Two folders, 2014 and 2015, each containing articles. If I select an article from the 2014 folder it displays correctly (zoom at 100%). If I then scroll down to the 2015 folder, select the folder to show it as scrivenings, and then choose one of the 2015 articles from the binder list, the program crashes. No change of zoom necessary, it just crashes – 100% of the time, 100% reproducible.

But there’s more: In the same project, if either folder is in scrivenings mode and I click on the corkboard icon, it crashes. 100% of the time. So the crashes may have something to do with changing out of the scrivenings mode into either an individual article or the corkboard. Or not…

Thanks all for the emailed samples and further testing notes. I appreciate it!

Assuming you’re not seeing some other crash issue (in which case, if it’s project-specific, please send the zipped projects and reproduction steps to win3beta@literatureandlatte.com), the problem is tied to Scrivenings mode, so simply avoiding Scrivenings and working on the documents individually should let you work easily. Just leave the corkboard or outliner as the group view mode. If you’re already in Scrivenings for group view and trying to switch it causes a crash, you should be able to get around it by creating a new blank folder in the binder and loading that, then switching to corkboard.

And on that note–if anyone has a project that is opening into Scrivenings mode and crashing when you try to load something different or switch the group view, you can reset the interface entirely by holding the Alt key, then choosing File > Close Project and Clear Interface Settings. This won’t affect your data, but it will restore the default UI, so when you next open the project, you’ll be back to the single editor open, corkboard as the group view mode, label colours switched off (labels will still be set to the documents, but the View > Use Label Color In options will need to be toggled back on), etc. As long as you don’t switch back to Scrivenings mode, you should be able to work just as in the previous betas.

Please tell us you’ll be posting before July … :slight_smile:

There may be an update before July, but this point the developers still have to fix the bug… :wink:

Ha, yeah. Good luck!!! 8)

Thanks again, everyone, for the testing and reports. We’re hoping we’ve got this fixed and will be putting out an updated release, but before pushing it out for everyone, could those of you who’ve been regularly reproducing the crash try downloading and installing this update and see if it does in fact fix the crashing for you? This is not the full installer, so leave your current installation in place and just run this after downloading. This is for the 64-bit version, which I’m assuming from the thread title everyone is using.

(Link removed; the update is available from within Beta 5 using Help > Check for Updates, or as a full installer from the announcements page.)

Just report back here as to your success. If you’re still getting the crashing, we’d greatly appreciate a zipped copy of the project and instructions for reproducing, sent to win3beta@literatureandlatte.com with a link to this thread. Thank you!

Checked once more time before installing the patch (the project in use is the same Scrivener 3 new demo tutorial). Had stable and reliable crashes at 150% view. After what seems to be was installed, all seems fine. Thanks a lot and my congratulations!

2nd confirm here! :smiley: Doesn’t crash any more – and updater even recognized the custom install folder! Thank you!

I think this fixed the problem. I’m not getting the crashes that occurred with the unpatched beta when I repeat the steps that led to those crashes, so that’s a good sign. Good job!