[LH3034] Scrivening Death Star

Select two text files in binder. Switch to Outline mode. Click on one of the files in the Binder that was selected. Scrivener immediately goes “Death Star” (exits) :cry: :cry: :cry:

I can’t duplicate this with outline mode – doesn’t crash for me. But if I do the same thing but go into scrivenings mode I get 100% guaranteed crash. So: select two files from the binder, go into scrivenings mode, select either of the two files from the binder = 100% crash.

rgletter. are you able to reproduce this without the selected documents ever being loaded in Scrivenings mode? This seems like it’s tied to the Scrivenings crash which Tashe mentioned, and I think it can happen after Scrivenings view has been loaded, then switched to a different group view mode, which might then be what you’re seeing, if Scrivenings occurred before the outliner view.

FIXED in Beta 6. Thanks!