[LH3038] Compatibility between Scrivener 3 Mac & Windows

The Win beta can open Scriv Mac 3 files 3 fine but Scriv 3 Mac cannot open the same project if I’ve opened it up in the Win 3 Beta. This occurs with native Scriv 3 projects.

I get the following error message: Screenshot 2018-06-02 16.35.30.png

To reproduce:
Create Project in Scriv 3 Mac
Add documents and type text.
Create backups as desired as zip file.
Close Scriv Mac 3
Unzip backup onto Windows hard drive and open with Scriv Win 3 beta the next day
Add more documents and type text.
Create backups as desired as zip file.
Close Scriv Win beta.
Unzip backup onto Mac hard drive.
Open Scriv Mac 3
Get error message.

The error message seems to suggest the Scriv Win beta is changing the .scriv file format in some way when I open/close the project. This renders Scriv 3 Mac unable to recognise the project as the proper file format. Is there any way to get project back into Scriv Mac 3 without losing meta data or writing history. If not I have to recreate a version for Mac and next time I’m on Windows write an rtf file and import that into the Mac.

A work around for this.

Network your Windows and Mac computers.
Open the Windows Beta version of your project on your Mac.
Use File > Save As to save a copy to your Mac documents.

Mac Scriv 3 could open the project fine on Win hard drive. Problems arrise when unzipping and opening projects.

Thanks for catching this! I need to investigate further into the zipping process when called from Scrivener, but in my testing it seems to work fine also if you create the zipped archive outside of Scrivener, using File Explorer. (I didn’t try any other specific archiving tools on Windows.) It looks like the platform compatibility problem with the original zips from Scrivener have to do with file permissions, which I’ve seen on zips before, though usually going macOS to Windows. I’m not sure what would have changed in the flags set that would be causing this, but since we did just update the Qt framework, it may have something to do with changes there.

The important part though is that the project files themselves are still compatible; there’s no change in the way Windows Scrivener is handling these that makes them unfit for macOS, and the problem is simply in flags set when zipping it from within Scrivener for Windows. So sharing the projects unzipped via Dropbox or a network drive, or zipping them apart from Scrivener, should let you continue working between macOS and Windows.

Oh, hey, is this the old bug with duplicate files of 0 size? I haven’t experienced it, personally, with Scrivener 3. That is, if you go into the zipped project, are there a bunch of files that are 0 bytes and exact duplicates of the real documents? You can fix it by deleting the 0 ones.

No, this really just seems to be that after extracting, the owner doesn’t have execute permissions. Fixing that in the file info allows it to open normally. The files inside the archive are all correct.